Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just Enroll in College and Let the Government Pay For Your Education

This is one of the greatest news for American women. The US government will now be giving lots of cash to women who will enroll to study in any university or college of their choice. The offer is to help create a society where women will no longer be under educated. The higher their levels of education, the better the contribution of women towards the development of their families, communities and nation.
Every woman in America who decides to go for further studies will get $10,000 from government to help pay for her tuition and other cost related to education such as buying books and other educational materials. All that is required is that you should be a woman with American citizenship. You can just enroll in any college to follow any program and that money will come to you.
There are no difficult or complicated procedures involved. You only need to provide proof of your enrollment and you receive the money. The offer is not only for full time study; part-time students are also covered. That means women who don't want to leave their day jobs can still get further education by enrolling in part-time programs.
What the Obama administration is telling women basically is that they should just go to school and government will pay for the tuition. This offer will beat the imagination of many women in other parts of the world. The question is, are American women making good use of this unique opportunity, some women will some won't?